Sussman House

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Sussman-House-Pen-Bay-Hospice_fireplaceSussman House provides care for people whose symptoms are not well managed at home and are in need of hospice care as they near the end of their life. In addition to caring for terminally ill patients, Sussman House staff also provides support and hospitality for families who are grieving and want to be with their loved ones during their final days.

Sussman House provides state of the art pain and symptom management combined with compassionate care, away from the hustle and bustle of a hospital or a rehabilitation facility. The atmosphere is one of peace and tranquility and the interior design and furnishings “look like, act like, and feel like home.”

This exciting project expands the high quality advance care services already provided by Pen Bay Medical Center and MaineHealth Care at Home and is available to patients and families throughout Midcoast Maine.


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