Knox Center Gives Thanks

Dear Staff and Community Friends of Knox Center:

On the evening of Friday, January 3, the Knox Center for Long Term Care experienced unexpected flooding due to a burst sprinkler system pipe. Gratefully, no patients were put in harm’s way. The administrative offices and common areas were mostly affected and luckily, non-patient areas and patient rooms were spared from damage.

The words “THANK YOU” seem insufficient to express the amount of gratitude, appreciation and respect we have for all of you who worked so hard and so well together through this event. The Knox Center was not just full of water; it was filled with loyalty and dedication to a building that is more than simply bricks and mortar. It is home to many.

To Knox Center staff who came in off-duty to assist with the turbulence, you showed true selflessness and camaraderie with one another. This is why we love working here.

To Knox Center staff who were here working and realized that in spite of all odds, your job still needed to be completed. You worked without complaint so that our residents remained well cared for. You just did what was needed to be done! Upon my arrival at 8 p.m. that night, I got a sense that you all just dug in, the way responders, caregivers and wonderful human beings do!

We would like to say a hearty thank you to the following community partners for their part during and since the event: Rockland Fire Department; McCormick & Associates, Inc.; Superior Restoration Services; Eastern Fire & Sprinkler; New England Fireproofing; Capozza Flooring; Thayer Corporation; Pen Bay Information Services department and countless others including our residents, families and visitors for their patience and understanding while we clean up and look new again!


Carl Chadwick, Administrator
On behalf of Knox Center for Long Term Care

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