Info for Employees Only

Call 207-921-8229

Outlook Web Email

Sign in to your email remotely with the same user name and password you use when logging into Outlook at work.

Pen Bay Portal Intranet

For intranet access away from work: Click link above and enter the user name (JDoe) and password that you would normally use to sign on to the Pen Bay network. Click “login” and you’ll see the Portal homepage open up. You will have access to nearly all of the content you would find on the Portal if logging in from your PC at the office.

Provider Access Point – Remote Access Page

Providers may access SonicWall via the above link with a valid login.

MaineHealth Apps Portal – Remote Access Link

Requires RSA token for dual factor authentication.

Helpful Phone Numbers

IS Help Desk: 207-921-8229
Employee Assistance Program (EAP): 207-921-6718
Employee Health: 207-921-5577
Payroll: 207-921-6748
Human Resources: 207-921-6950